Europeans Performed In Jeddah’s Historic Street And People Online Aren’t Quite Sure How To Feel About It


A video footage from a passerby in Jeddah’s Al-Balad souk district caught a glimpse of two European tourists, some reports say, and performed songs.

The video, shared on Instagram account @jeddah_events, now has more than 23,000 views on the platform with hundreds and hundreds of varied reactions from Saudi.

A small crowd of people gathered to watch two European tourists perform a song

…and what can be seen in the video as a guitar case where people can choose to give money.

Some actually found the performing in streets to be pleasant

“I wish we always had that in our streets”
Screen Shot 2018 12 10 At 4 47 27 Pm

“Are they just tourists or it’s a way to spread the eastern thoughts and cultures in the oldest place in Jeddah?”

Screen Shot 2018 12 10 At 4 49 27 Pm

“I don’t support that because it’s not our culture or religion”

Screen Shot 2018 12 10 At 4 49 48 Pm

Some are against the idea of it too

“Saudi is succesfully being hacked”
Screen Shot 2018 12 10 At 4 51 36 Pm
“Lol. I don’t know you Jeddah”
Screen Shot 2018 12 10 At 4 53 10 Pm


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