Saudi Youth Are Raving Over A Song Featuring Dyler That Is Now Part Of YouTube’s Trending Videos


You remember the fella with a million followers on Instagram who made a song called Samouly?

Well, he’s got a new hit under his belt, according to YouTube- a song called Habib Nafsi (I Love Me) with the Egyptian boy band called BoyBand has made it to the 29th spot on the platform’s top trending videos.

(Image Creds: YouTube screenshot and IG: @dyl3r)

The song is that of a feel-good and self-loving anthem

The cute-sy video has garnered more than 1.8 million views on YouTube with many of the band and Dyler’s fans expressing love for the track.

Dyler is a 17-year-old Saudi YouTuber/rapper with 5 million followers on the platform

He’s made trendy songs with repetitive lyrics that his youthful audience in the Gulf enjoy. Dyler has even performed some of his hits, like ‘Samouly’ (the song about his love for bread) in Dubai and other cities.

Today, he’s a money-making Internet sensation with a good 5 million followers on YouTube and another 1.2 million on Instagram.

Image From I Os

‘This is a Saudi-Egyptian legendary mix!’

Image From I Os 1

“The tune is really fresh…”

Image From I Os 2

Some fans even noticed Dyler’s hair change too

“That’s why Dyler changed his hair colour. You’re a hero wallah, and the song is good.”
Screen Shot 2018 12 05 At 6 32 52 Pm

What do you think of the song?

Have a hear here (get it?)


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