New Destination: Jeddah Municipality Opens North Corniche Tomorrow And You’re Going To LOVE What You See


Finally the huge 800 million SAR North Sea  ‘beatifying project’  is COMPLETE. 

Jeddawis have been waiting for THIS Day for years.. and years..and years.

And we  no longer need to pass by this construction site with a sad face! This is how it looks in some parts…

GO Visit to check the whole area TOMORROW Oct 28 according to Jeddah Amanah

Looks Romantic!

Night Lighting for the longest walking bridge at Jeddah Corniche.

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Jeddah’s Mayor Hani AbuRas Has Been Releasing These Pictures..

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Jeddah Corniche 3
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Dnfk Yk Exuaat Fgn
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Dnfl Nj4 Xc Aa 1 Uc
Jeddah Corniche 2
Jeddah Corniche 1
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Dnfk Wlx0 Aadb Qy


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