Saudi Guy Who Went Viral Talks About His AMAZING Experience Meeting The Crown Prince In Al Ula


A video and selfies of local men with the Kingdom’s beloved Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was the talk of the town a few days back, and why you ask?

Because he was so humble and down-to-earth, you wouldn’t have expected to see him without much of an entourage or the glitz and glam roaming around the Kingdom. People appreciated that the Crown Prince took his time take selfies with residents and even agree to be captured on video, showing us once again how modernised and in tune he is with the generation. 

Apart from all his other achievements and developments, of course. 

The viral video of him meeting the Crown Prince

He talks about the experience of meeting the Crown Prince…

In the video, he talks about how he was just sitting with his friends while on a safari-type trip in Al Ula, enjoying his afternoon coffee when they suddenly saw the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

As they were sitting, the Crown Prince actually came up to them and they felt star struck, he was extremely humble during which time he and his friends asked for pictures. He also wasn’t accompanied by many guards. 

The Crown Prince also spent some time with them talking and laughing like he was any common Saudi.

The Crown Prince later went to assure them that the area they were in will soon be developed

…and be even greater for tourism.

How amazing?!

Thanks for sharing your story, Naif.

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