The Story Behind This ADORABLE Before And After Photo Is One You Need To Hear


The now retired but former writer and news personality Saba Abdullah Bahabri shared a throwback photo on his Twitter on Monday that has made even strangers feel a peculiar sense of nostalgia.

The photo showed a younger Bahabri posing for a picture with a young English girl in May 1975, and the recent photo is of the two reuniting in Saudi Arabia.

(Image Credits: Twitter/ @sababahabri)

The story behind the photo

The lady in the current photo is the same little girl in the photo on the left. Saba captioned the Twitter photo describing his time in London for two years, where he rented a room in the lady’s house.

Bahabri added that he has since remained in an amicable relationship with her family and occasionally visits them, except her since she had gotten married and moved to another area. When she visited Riyadh for a business trip, she looked specifically for Bahabri.

Screen Shot 2018 11 01 At 4 43 27 Pm

The two reminisced over a 45-year-long stroll down memory lane

After the lady visited Riyadh and found Bahabri, his family (wife and children) had dinner with the English lady and reminisced over their family’s 45-years of memories.

Screen Shot 2018 11 01 At 4 43 45 Pm

Let’s face it, we all love photos, especially ones are of the ‘before-and-after’ nature. It’s crazy to see how much growth and change every individual undergoes in a lifetime.


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