Travel Blogger Yousef AlSudais Has Shaken The ‘Gram With Photos Of Saudi That Everyone MUST See


We have travel influencer and blogger, the Saudi native Yousef Al Sudais, to thank for the BEAUTIFUL photos we get to see of the Kingdom. Al Sudais’ helped align his photographer friends from the West, like Kyle Mijlof ,to showcase the true beauty of Saudi’s majestic landscapes.

But he’s also not one to miss out on capturing the essence of the Kingdom’s sand dunes and towers.

Take a look at some of the photos he’s taken…

It all started last month with this INCREDIBLE shot of Riyadh’s skylines

…and then proceeded to showing us the traditional homes

A drone sky shot taken of the capital city

Then he went to Tabuk and wowed us all with this…

On the edge

Sudais posted a video with scenes of the sights at Tabuk

He chilled by the beach there too

Those caves

But a week ago…

He took it to the next level

when he visited Al Ula

and showed us the brilliance and hidden gems of Saudi Arabia.


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