WATCH: A Man In Saudi Was Attacked By A VERY Aggressive Street Cat And Passer-bys Had To Put A Stop To It


A video caught our attention online, due to its very fast- paced and surprising nature. When you think of cats, we usually think of their purring, sleeping and just being their domesticated adorable selves. 

So, it’s probably hard to imagine a tiny street cat being capable enough to attack a human… 

Well, a video in Saudi Arabia resurfaced on @TheTopVideo’s Twitter page and it shows a very angry cat jumping on a man, and not letting go until passer-bys had to come and help. 

Watch the moment a wild feral cat attacked the man below: 

Hitting animals is never okay, perhaps there should have been other options to help the man in crisis. However, different situations usually call for different measures. 

Social media reaction to the video is just as wild 

People took to Twitter to express their opinion, as a response to the video. With some disagreeing with the method of hitting the cat with a chair to get it off, and others just laughing off the situation.

What do you think he passers-by should have done instead?


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