WATCH: A Saudi YouTuber Cooked Up A Storm On The Hood Of His Car And Not Everyone Is Impressed


Saudi YouTuber, DSTOR, has reached a million subscribers on YouTube recently- makes you wonder what type of content one posts to rack up such a following. Well, apart from random prank-like videos- he likes to test out for himself, what type of foods will cook well under Saudi’s scorching summer sun. 

He’s tried frying burgers, eggs, kabsa rice, pizza and even TUNA on his car’s hood. Although a lot of people find these videos fun to watch, his comment sections shows a divided set of opinions. 

Is it a waste of food or is it alright to try out little experiments as such?

Ever tried heating up your pizza on your car?

Cooking canned tuna over here

No need for McDonald’s burgers apparently, Saudi’s sun has got your back

Oh, and did we mention, he eats them afterwards too! 

An experiment isn’t complete, without a taste test, after all

And while some of the comments are of people joking around, and adding in puns.. 

Or pointing out certain things.

“The heat of the machine should take most of the credit”

Screen Shot 2017 09 28 At 4 18 31 Pm

Others think it’s a waste of food and shouldn’t be an option just to get views on social media

“What a waste”

Screen Shot 2017 09 28 At 4 00 49 Pm


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