WATCH: Teens In Saudi Arabia Assaulted And Stoned A School Bus Driver And It Was Caught On A Surveillance Camera


A video of teens assaulting a school bus driver in Saudi’s Hafar Al Batin city has surfaced on Twitter, without much information on when it took place. The surveillance camera caught a few teenagers during the horrific act. 

They approached the bus driver inside the bus, started assaulting him and proceeding to throw stones. 

Hafar Al- Batin is a city in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province, and is 430km north of Riyadh. 

The video below may be too sensitive for some of you..

Netizens on Twitter are furious and here’s what some of them had to say about the incident:

“Unfortunately these are ill-mannered individuals” 

“When are we going to see an end to this type of behavior and harsher punishments?”

This user expressed sentiment against this behavior and said that these “teens should receive a punishment and be set as an example for others not to commit such actions”


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