12 Criteria For Saudi Women To Join The Army As A Soldier Have Been Released


There are 12 criteria for Saudi women who want to join the military with the rank of a soldier, according to the General Directorate of Public Security. Applications are now even being accepted in certain parts of the Kingdom, such as; Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, Qassim, Asir, Al-Baha and the Eastern Province as reported by Saudi Press Agency. 

The criteria:

  1. Must be of Saudi origin 
  2. Raised in the Kingdom (with the exception of if a woman’s father living abroad on a government assignment)
  3. Must be aged between 25 and 35
  4. Be above 155cm in height 
  5. Weight to hate ratio must be good
  6. Have  (at least) a high school diploma
  7. Must pass a required medical check up and go through personal interviews
  8. Must not be married to non-Saudis
  9. Must not have any criminal record
  10. Must not be previously employed in any government or military-institution
  11. Must have independent national identity cards
  12. Must be living in the same area as their job’s location and their guardians’ job must also be in the same area 

Candidates can even apply online (but only till a certain date)

According to Saudi Gazette, candidates can apply online at jobs.moi.gov.sa but only until Thursday, the first of March. 


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