6 FUN Things To Look Forward To For Next Month’s Al Janadriyah Festival And Why You Should Go


Janadriyah Festival is an annual festival that exists to celebrate and create an environment for the Kingdom’s culture and heritage. This year will see its 32nd run for this type of event in Saudi, which will last a total of 18 days, according to reports. 

Located 42km northeast of Riyadh, the event will take place in Janadriya itself. And if you haven’t gone before, let’s see if these reasons will convince you otherwise:

1. Saudi royal families are expected to visit this festival 

Who knows who you might see? What better place to get starstruck?

2. This year the festival’s guest of honor is India 

According to reports, The Kingdom will be honoring India as a country as a result of the great relationship between the two countries.

3. Lots of food stalls- and yummy local treats for the foodies

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4. There will be film screenings, live performances and cultural shows

From local, hip-hop and even musical artists coming to perform. You won’t be bored for a single minute with the abundance of shows that’ll occur in those days. 

Film screenings will take place every day from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

5. There will be a ton of products to purchase (to relieve your inner shopaholic) 

Last year’s festival had 2,000 exhibitors which means a ton of products were at hand and ready to be sold. Just imagine how much bigger and better this year’s shopping organza will be. It’s a blessing and a curse (mostly to our wallets). 

6. Free yoga classes everyday during the festival 

You heard it, anyone looking to participate can join the daily yoga sessions from 6-7pm and 8-11pm. 


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