73 Foreigners From 19 Countries Get Premium Saudi Residency Out Of The Thousands That Applied


The premium Saudi residency program got many people excited when it was first announced. And, now within just a few months since the program was approved by the Shoura Council we already have the first batch of foreigners who were issued the premium residency cards.

According to the Gulf Business, 73 foreigners from 19 countries were granted premium residency.

There are two types of premium residencies under the new scheme, the first is a permanent one that costs SAR 800,000 and the second is a yearly renewable one that costs SAR 100,000 annually.

Thousands have applied for the premium residencies considering the immense opportunities that it brings but only 73 of those who applied were granted residency under the new program in the first batch. Those granted residences come from varied backgrounds and the final list includes doctors, engineers, financiers and investors.

Here’s the full press release that was issued by the Premium Residency Center.


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