A Beauty Pageant For Camels Will Take Place In Saudi Arabia And Safety Measures Are Being Taken


In January, the Kingdom is looking to host a fabulous camel beauty pageant- of course. It’s called the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, and the event will feature some of the Gulf’s (especially Saudi Arabia’s) most beautiful camels. 

The long-legged, elegant camels all over the GCC will be gawked at and judged based on their aesthetics

From the length of their legs, their eyelashes, strong bodies, lips, eyes and everything else. Those are just a few of the criteria that help the viewers spot the ‘most beautiful’ camel.

This is an annual festival that was started by a group of Bedouins in 1999, when they wanted to show and see the most beautiful camel in the desert, reported The Washington Post. 

The process of registering one’s model camel is one that takes a MONTH 

And for good reason… 

Camels often undergo a thorough medical check-up to see if they’re free of any diseases, according to Saudi Gazette.

The total number of entries that fulfilled all the requirements reached 1,533, as of Friday, the last day for registration. Participation was not restricted to Saudis alone. There are a number of participants from the Gulf region, but the majority are from Saudi Arabia.

Festival spokesman Sultan Al-Bugamy (via Saudi Gazette)

The past events have hosted royalty from around the Gulf and especially Saudi Arabia’s Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman

This event is a highly-regarded one, indeed. Camels play a very important role in the culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia and it’s a pretty interesting notion, but also an adorable one (that camels are so highly regarded in the Kingdom). 

More than 1,500 camels have made it to the final cut for the January competition

And most of the finalists come from Riyadh! 

Details on this year’s event: 

Arab News recently reported that camel racing event and the annual camel beauty pageant called the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival be held at a new camel race track thsis year. The new race track will be located in the Saudi Camel Village in Riyadh.


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