A Saudi Brand Was Just Voted Ahead Of Google And Apple As The Most Trusted In The Kingdom


YouGov’s Brand Index has listed the most positively perceived brands in the Kingdom. This year’s result lists a local brand at the top.

According to Arabian Business, dairy giant Al Marai is the most positively perceived brand in Saudi Arabia. This marks the brand topping the chart for the third straight year.

Other than Al Marai, the most trusted brand list contains WhatsApp, iPhone, Apple, Al Baik, Samsung, YouTube, Google, Samsung Galaxy and Dettol to round off the top 10.

YouGov uses “buzz” scores to compile the listings, based on consumer feedback on the brands during a two week period.

“Buzz scores show how brands are resonating with consumers on a daily basis, and ultimately indicate to marketers the level and direction of recent brand exposure. In a market increasingly edging toward a digital-based economy, digital devices and media platforms form an integral part consumers’ daily lives,” said Scott Booth, YouGov’s regional head of data products.

“This trend is highlighted by the seven digital brands heading into 2018 in a strong position among consumers. However, Almarai, Al Baik and Dettol are proving you don’t have to be a digital brand to produce and execute a winning strategy to positively connect with consumers in today’s tech-savvy market, and they too have a strong start to the year.”

The Brand Index has also given interesting insights on brands with its top 10 “most improved” listing. 

Nokia topped this list and other phone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei also made it to the top 10.

In the list of the 10 most improved brands, a surprise entry was that of construction giant Binladin Group that has recently been allowed to take part in new tenders in Saudi Arabia.


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