A New Charter Has Been Put In Place With New Laws Against Harassment In The Workplace


The implementation of the charter against workplace harassment has finally been approved by the Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi.

Now, the 12-point charter means that harassment involves any action, deed, word or sign with a sexual innuendo or meaning in the workplace- even if it is through social media.

The new charter makes sexual harassment in the workplace more transparent

According to Saudi Gazette, in Article 12 of the charter says that sexual connotations alone will be considered harassment, regardless of wether or not it takes place during the working hours or outside.

This is such a progressive step towards maintaining a respectful and safe working environment for both men and women.

You don’t even have to be working at a company to sue call someone out on harassment

As it should, the charter mentions that it would also be implemented against managers, senior officials and any one else related to the ministry against trainees or job seekers.

Article 4 calls for ministry offices and government departments in the Kingdom to avoid gender mixing and reduce the issue altogether. While Article 5 states that if and when a male employee meets with a female colleague, the door should be kept open so that other people in the workplace can see them.

And last but not least, Article 6 of the charter says women and male employees should never discuss serious matters and it requires for women to dress modestly.


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