A New Job Has Opened Up For Saudi Women And It’s A Little Out Of The Usual


So, there’s a new job opportunity for women in the Kingdom as Saudi Commision for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) gives licenses for them to become tourist guides. 

Part of the many changes this year is that the hospitality sector of the nationalization taking place with SCTNH means local women will not be limited to working as tour guides.


In an article by Saudi Gazette, the director of the hospitality sector, Badr Al-Obaid, advised those interested in working to check the STNH website and be aware of the rules and requirements in obtaining the license.


SCTNH is determined in implementing Saudization at many various levels in the tourism sector 

When Al-Obaid spoke at the Women Empowerment and Integration Forum here on Sunday, he said the SCTNH is eager in implementing the Saudization in their departments. Training programs have even been given to more than 8,000 young Saudis to help engage them in the job market. 

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