A Phone Service Provider In Bahrain Had A Name Change Over Night And For Good Reason


Bahraini residents were met with quite a surprise this morning when telecom provider, VIVA (the same peeps who own STC), changed its network name to: ‘BH Loves KSA.’

Many wondered what it was for that it so magically changed overnight and took to Twitter to share the confusion, while others absolutely loved the temporary new network name.

So many tweeted out a reaction to it, in fact, that it lead to its own trending hashtag in the neighboring Kingdom, behold #البحرين_تنور_بمحمد_بن_سلمان …

But there’s good reason why VIVA did what they did and it’s because the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is actually visiting Bahrain today (Sunday) as part of his ongoing regional tour, where he is set to hold talks with His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Peeps absolutely loved the show of solidarity and brotherhood between the two nations

Naturally, confusion arose from some

But only Saudis and Bahrainis will know just how OG this show of support is

And it’s something both nations represent truly well

And some have caught on to the fact that MBS is coming to Bahrain

An abundance of tweets by both Saudis and Bahrainis are praising KSA’s leaders

‘Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will always be unified and in solidarity through political, diplomatic and military matters.’

“The Saudi-Bahraini relations span more than 200 years of communication, friendliness and unity”

A Saudi writer lauded the two nations’ great friendship, sharing a tweet about the historical precedence of its 200-year-long camaraderie.

MBS began his tour on Thursday and has more countries to visit in the coming next days

Arabian Business confirms that MBS will be continuing his tour, with Tunisia next on the list of countries to visit and to attend the G20 summit in Argentina next week.


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