A Saudi Couple Chose The Weirdest Location To Get Married


Most chose lavish wedding halls if the wedding is a very public one or some picturesque getaway if it is a private one, however, recently a Saudi couple broke the norms and got married in a place where one can’t even imagine to get married.

According to the Okaz newspaper, a Saudi couple got married in a prison in Al Baha.

The bride, her guardian and a few other families were allowed inside the prison to attend the wedding. 

What’s more is that even other inmates celebrated the event that saw the distribution of sweets and juices.

The groom who is serving a four-year jail sentence over drug-related charges got approval from the relevant authorities to have a wedding in prison. A religious authority even gave the couple permission to meet before the wedding.

The bride agreed to the marriage, the SR 40,000 mahr offered by the groom and, voila they got married.

While we don’t know whether they will be allowed to communicate to each other regularly what we do know, nonetheless, is that they will not be having their honeymoon until the jail sentence is over.


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