A Saudi Film Called Najd Is Set To Premiere In The Kingdom Soon Ahead Of Cinemas’ Return


A Saudi- made movie called Najd will premiere in the Kingdom soon, and it’s even approved by the General Entertainment Authority who also approved the return of cinemas in Saudi. Najd, according to Arab News, will feature actors from Kuwait  and will center on a young couple’s love story. 

Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al Fahad will feature in the movie 

The legendary Arab actress will feature in the movie and has stated that “Najd is the first Saudi film starring yours truly.”

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The preps for this movie started two years ago 

Saudi producer and writer of Najd, Khaled Al- Rajeh, wrote the story that centred around KSA, Kuwait and Egypt from the ’50s to present time. The story is about a young couple, wherein the wife kept a secret throughout her life, never telling anyone. Approximately 90% of the Najd was filmed in the Kingdom too.

Let’s talk about a real cinema industry and what the Saudi audience wants to see, as until now filmmakers and producers cannot certify Saudi audience preferences as they just have YouTube and television programs as available sources. Are they looking to see comedy, action, drama, history or fantasy? It is a hard task to make predictions, except through experiments in making movies. Thus, our goal as filmmakers is to provide a real cinematic industry for Saudi movies with an international measure.

Mamdoh Al-Salem, supervisor the first Saudi film festival (via Arab News)

This is exciting!


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