A Saudi Hero Died Saving A Family From A House Fire And Is Being Honoured By The Interior Minister


A brave local man went into his neighbour’s home to save an entire family after hearing cries for help, during a blazing fire. Sixty-year-old Ibrahim al- Dhafian spotted the fire at his neighbor Mohammed Saeed al-Muta’ab’s home in Riyadh and when he heard screams, he immediately ran to help. 

He ran to the house to help save the family along with his son, Zaid al-Dhafian… 

Zaid spoke to Al Arabiya about the details of the incident, saying his father, without hesitance ran immediately to their house, and saved the family despite the smoke. 

“The kitchen was completely burnt out and there was no sign of the family so we started to look for them and make sure they survived,” Zaid added. 

The father and son attempted to put out the fire, but had already managed to save the women and children as soon as the civil defense team had arrived. 

“Suddenly, I saw my 60-year-old father fall to the ground from being suffocated.” 

Following their immediate transfer to a clinic, it was already too late. 

The Interior Minister paid a tribute to Ibrahim’s life with a ceremony to honor his sacrifice and heroism.


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