A Saudi Man Dies After He Tries To Drive Through A Flood


Over the past two weeks, the country has been lashed with heavy rains, which at times is accompanied by floods. For one man in Qassim, the rains proved to be fatal.

According to news portal Akhbaar24, a Saudi man tried to drive through a strong stream but it proved to be so strong that it managed to flip over the car that he was driving.

The incident happened in the Boqaya valley in Qassim.

A video of the incident has been widely shared on social media.

The Civil Defense workers managed to pull out the driver and his accompanying passengers alive. While the others survived the driver didn’t as he later succumbed to his injuries at a nearby hospital.

Over the past few days, the Civil Defense has consistently been sending out messages to all residents to stay away from valleys and flood-prone areas.

They even tweeted about this particular incident that happened in the Boqaya Valley and cautioned all drivers to not drive in flooded areas.

Earlier this week, Arab News had reported that 14 people from around the country have died due to the rains.

Weather forecasts are still predicting further rain in the coming few days.


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