A Saudi Man Divorces Wife Because She Got Him Al Baik For His Birthday


A bizarre story has been reported by Ain Al Yaum that a man has divorced his wife because she went outside the house without informing him to get his favorite food on his birthday.

A social worker who handled the case shed light on the story. The man’s wife had prepared the house for the celebration and just was left with the food.

Since Al Baik was one of his favorites, she decided to get it for him. 

A branch of Al Baik recently opened in the city of Al Kharj so she booked a taxi from a ride-hailing service and went to Al Baik.

She bought the food and was on her way back when the car met with an accident.

In the meantime, her husband arrived at home and was angered to not find her. And, as soon as she arrived at home her husband drove her to her parent’s house and told them that he was divorcing her.


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