A Saudi Man Lived Till 147 And This Is What He Used To Eat


While reaching 100 years is an extremely rare achievement for men, a Saudi man lived up to 147.

According to the Khaleej Times, Ali bin Mohammad bin Mari’i Al-Alkami hailed from Abha in the southern part of the country.  

His family members spilled the beans on the secret to his longevity. Al Akami ate organic food that grew on his farms. His staple included foods like grains, wheat, corn, barley, honey and meat. Foods he avoided included any sort of processed food and shunned eating in large quantities. 

In an interview that he gave to Al Watan Newspaper a few years before his death, he said that he’d never had restaurant meals or eaten anything that contains sugar. He also mentioned that he never visited the hospital.

Al Akami also rarely used his car to travel. He would usually just walk to his destination. Once he even walked almost 600 km to Makkah for Hajj.

One of his last words was “Life was beautiful in the past. Today, things and people are very different. No one is left of my generation, so I feel lonely among people.” 

He suffered a brain stroke and died due to it. 

May his soul rest in peace.


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