A Saudi Woman Finds Out After 15 Years Of Marriage That Her Husband Is An Expat


The news has been doing rounds on social media.

According to Okaz, a Saudi woman reported her husband to the authorities who claimed that he was a Saudi but was actually an expat. He is believed to have stolen the identity of his Saudi brother-in-law and forged  Saudi citizenship papers.

The authorities duly investigated the case and found out that he admittedly entered the Kingdom at the age of seven and lived without proper documentation for years.

Using these documents he then married his present wife who apparently thought that he belonged to a notable Saudi family as his family name was different on his national ID. But as it turns out he actually is a Yemeni citizen.

The couple are married for 15 years and have six children together. The citizenship status of the children is expected to be amended as Saudi women who are married to foreigners are unable to pass down their nationality to their children.

The court has announced their judgment on the case and the man has been sentenced to 1 year and 5 months in jail and has also been fined SR 3,000.


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