A Saudi Woman Started Her Own Petrol Station And It Couldn’t Have Been Done At A Better Time


With all the hoopla surrounding women’s driving that is due to begin later this year, anything related to the topic is garnering a lot of interest. In fact, a lot of businesses are capitalizing on it by making automobile-related businesses targeting females.

If the recently launched female-only showroom wasn’t enough, we now have a Saudi woman who runs her own petrol station who promises a feminine touch to it.

According to Al Arabiya English, a Saudi citizen Mervat Bukhari became the first Saudi woman to work at a petrol station.

Mervat says that she wants to make her station the “best digital gas station in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with its high performance, highest standards of quality and cleanliness”.

This is not Mervat’s first business though, she is the owner of the daily Maraya newspaper and has her own beauty center.

This petrol station is not going to be like the other petrol stations that are out there. Mervat has plans to add “plants as an aesthetic touch to the ceiling and the outer facade of the site, providing five-star furnished luxury apartments, as well as offering rest house type of facilities for travelers -this allows travelers the option to rent for a full 24 hours”

And she didn’t finish at that, she wants to make it a digital station that will be operational without the need to pay cash. 

Mervat wants to run the petrol station pretty much by Saudi women and says that when fully operational it “can contribute to supporting 40 families throughout the year and providing economic support that is not periodic but as a constant income.”


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