A Snapchat Video Shows Two Saudi Men Seconds Before Their Deadly Crash


A Snapchat clip recorded by two young Saudi victims resulted in a horrendous crash. 

In the video, the two were smiling and dancing along to songs.  Driving through the main highway connecting al-Rayn and al-Bishah cities, until the clip suddenly cut out in a loud thump…

Watch at your own discretion..

The car crash resulted in their death

Reports say that the crash resulted in the passenger’s instant death, leaving the driver to be rushed to an intensive care unit. After arriving at the emergency room, the driver also passed away from the injuries. 

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The car was spotted looking flattened out and totalled

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The use of mobile phones is a common cause of most car accidents in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Traffic said that the use of phones is the main cause of 79% of road accidents in the Kingdom. Saudi authorities also warn the public not to use mobile phones while driving, as the distraction can lead to risky accidents. 


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