A Student In Saudi Gave Birth While She Sat For A High School Exam In Makkah


This just in from Gulf News, a young pregnant Saudi student gave birth as she sat for her English exam at a high school in the western region of the Kingdom, in Makkah. The usually home-schooled student went to physically take the end-of-semester exams when she realised she has to go into labor. 

Okaz reported that when she realised she went into labor, the supervisors and heads of the school rushed to her to see what was going on. The student, Zuhoor, told them that her date of giving birth was not expected to fall on that same day. 

An ambulance was then called, to diffuse the tension that built among the other students in the school. However, it might have taken too long to wait for the medics so two women who worked in that school assisted Zuhoor into bringing the baby.

She gave birth to a healthy baby girl right before the ambulance had arrived and named her Zainab. 


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