A University In Riyadh Is Preparing 4,500 Parking Slots For Female Students and Faculty By Next Year


A representative of the King Saud University in Riyadh, announced on twitter this Sunday, that the campus is preparing approximately 4,500 parking spaces for female students and faculties. Saudi Gazette says this was decided after the decree issuing women being granted driving licenses by early June 2018. 

The announcement was shared by King Saud University’s rector Badran Al- Omar

It reads.. “The university campus for female students, is “ready to implement the new decree by preparing 4,500 parking slots for female students and faculty members.”

“The decision to allow women to drive will help them achieve substantial gains while also expanding their participation in the workforce,” Badran added in another tweet 

The reaction from female students to Badran’s tweets showed their appreciation of it

With many even stating how proud they are to be a part of the King Saud University

“Thank God Doctor, our country has finally developed!”

“Really proud of this prestigious university”


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