A Young Saudi Author Met With The Pope And Even Snapchatted A Gift Received From Him


Saudi author and social media personality, Sultan Al-Mousa, who has three published books and an immense love for history met with the pope during a trip to the Vatican City.

He has also officially joined as a member of the Vatican religious dialogue committee. Now I know what you’re thinking, he’s from Saudi, he’s Muslim, so what is he doing being part of that?

 Well, Al- Mousa is working with them to connect different religions through his job. According to Arab News, this is the third visit of anyone from Saudi to the Vatican, with first person going during King Faisal’s reign. 

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Meeting the pope 

Two months ago, a delegation from the Kingdom visited the Vatican along with head of Muslim World League Dr. Mohammed Al- Issa and writer Sultan Al- Mousa to meet the pope himself. 

“I was honored and delighted to be part of this delegation. We visited the Vatican three times in a month for the joint committee of interfaith dialogue.

Sultan Al Mousa (via Arab News)

Linking Saudi Arabia to the Vatican

A statement by Al- Mousa wherein he discussed how Saudi Arabia is considered the center of Islam, as is the Vatican for the Catholic faith. He added that strengthening the two states and elevating an understanding required for this committee to come to place. 

The pope gave Sultan a gift which he even Snapchatted 

During his trip to the Vatican, Al- Mousa was presented with a gift from the pope which he ended up Snapchatting. A couple of his followers took to social media to comment and say that this would have been ‘unacceptable’ 15 years ago but that we now lived in a more developed time, a globalised era where people are more aware. 


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