AMAZING News As The Crown Prince Has Announced Football Games Will Be Free For EVERYONE To Attend


Sports, sports, sports

The Kingdom is big on watching, participating and playing in leagues and even have their own national teams to prove it. Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, seems to agree with this sentiment, as he has asked for Saudi league games to be free of charge to the public. 

His Highness also asked for games not to be aired on television, as citizens and residents can now watch live and for free, as said by the General Authority for Sports, Turki Al- Sheikh, to Al Arabiya on Tuesday. 

The decision was made after various media outlets reported that the channels who own the league’s rights encrypted the league from the beginning of the next sport’s season

The Crown Princes expressed that it is the people’s right to watch the league at no price. Amazing.

The crown prince directed that citizens should (be able to) watch the league for free and we are now looking for a mechanism that benefits all parties concerned: Sports clubs and carrier/broadcasters without affecting the people

Turki Al Sheikh (via Arab News)


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