American Rapper Nelly Is Going To Perform In Saudi Arabia But Not Everyone Can Go


The well-known American rapper, Nelly, has just been booked to preform for an all-male audience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Set to take place on December 14, Nelly is going to preform right by Cheb Khaled, the Algerian singer, at a concert that is part of the Kingdom’s attempt to improve their entertainment industry.

The artist even posted about the concert

With the addition of the hashtag #ALLWORKNOPLAY, Nelly tells Saudi Arabia to get ready for his first ever appearance.

It’s going to take place at King Abdullah’s Economic City

Even though it will be Nelly’s first time in the Kingdom, the event will only be open to males and tickets are said to approximately be at $120.

How were people reacting to the news?

I mean… well… Interesting point

Some people were just confused

Whereas the rest of them just ignored the news

On the bright side though..


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