An Abusive Teacher In Al Ahsa Has Been Caught On Camera And Now Fired After It Stirred Social Media


A Saudi teacher has been fired after a video taken in a class, where he verbally and physically punished his student, went viral on social media. The minute-long video shows the teacher scolding the student after he was reportedly caught laughing in his class. 

The video shows the teacher in full-on rage mode 

As he held a wooden stick in one hand, pushing a student into a wall with the other, he is heard insulting the student and yelling “Why are you laughing?”. Afterwards, he slapped the student on the face for three times as the student tried to defend himself and retorted “I’m not laughing.”

The student can be seen on the verge of tears during the clip. 

He was fired after several warnings from previous instances 

According to a spokesman from the Ministry of Education, “The teacher was relieved from his post by the ministry as it is not the first time he had mistreated students, despite previous warning given to him.” 


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