An EARTHQUAKE Took Place In The Middle Of The Red Sea Near Jeddah On Tuesday


It’s pretty shocking, but fret not, thankfully it occured away from Jeddah but nearby. An earthquake, reportedly, hit the centre of the Red Sea on Tuesday just 91 kilometres from Jeddah, according to the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS).

This (Tuesday) morning, there was a tremor in the middle of the Red Sea, 91 km from Jeddah, 3 degrees on the Richter scale, and the quake is at a depth of 20.88 km

Official Spokesman, SGS via Twitter

Spokesman of the Saudi Geological Survey added that earthquake wasn’t felt by any of the cities nearby as it was a weak one

The spokesman is also reassuring residents and citizens that the seismic situation in the Kingdom is stable. 

There are measures developed by the authorities that will know how to cope with future earthquakes…

“The Geological Survey has established a seismic monitoring system,” spokesman for SGS added, “and we are collecting all available data to have a better understanding of the nature of this activity and try to find out its future behavior.”


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