ATTN: Applications For The Privileged Iqama Are Open And Here’s How You Can Apply


The Privileged Iqama is one of the most exciting reforms that Vision 2030 has brought to us. It’s being dubbed as the Saudi version of the Green Card in the media.

Now, almost a month after the Privileged Iqama scheme got approved, the portal for the new residency permit is up and running and it has already started to receive applications.

To apply you have to log onto the SAPRC portal (

You click on register and there is a simple form that you have to fill. They then give you the option of selecting the type of Privileged Iqama as there is a permanent one and another which has to be renewed yearly.

You will then have to pay an application fee of $170.

The payment for the Privileged Iqama is also done through the portal. The permanent one costs SAR 800,000 and the yearly renewable one costs SAR 100,000.


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