Saudi Arabia Bans The Hunting Of Birds To Prevent This Dangerous Disease From Spreading In The Kingdom


Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) is enforcing a ban on the hunting of birds temporarily in the Kingdom to prevent the spread of the avian influenza this season.

Due to the rise of migratory birds migrating to the Kingdom during the winter, numerous incidents have been recorded of the flu and thus the ban was set as preventive measure.

Where are the birds coming from?

According to an official from the SWA, these birds flock into the Kingdom from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and West Asia making Saudi their temporary homes during the colder months.

Where are they found in the Kingdom?

The birds temporary stay mainly in areas such as Al-Hair in Riyadh, Al-Asfar Lake, Jubail Marine Protected Area, Domat Al-Jandal in Al Jouf, Farasan Islands and Wadi Aljizan until the season of spring begins.

Assistant Deputy Minister of Health For Preventive Medicine, Dr. Abdullah Al Aseeri, stated that, since Saudi Arabia is usually such a major route for bird migration, the virus probably reached the country through the migratory birds.

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