If You Didn’t Receive Your Monthly Electric Bill This Month There’s No Need To Worry


That’s right. To everyone who’s worried about having not received their electricity bill this month, you need not worry about it- you haven’t been disconnected. According to the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has announced that people won’t be receiving their bills on paper anymore as the SEC has stopped printing and sending those out. 

All bills will be done online- SMS, email, a phone app or their website 

In an effort to be environmental-friendly, cut printing costs (saving SAR10million/month) and be more convenient for customers, bills will now be dealt with online. 

Digitization will take the place of paper bills, and customers can register or update their contact details, mobile number and email address at SEC website www.se.com.sa, by calling on 920001100 or contacting through any social media platforms. 

Millions of subscribers have reportedly already registered on the online channels 

There’s even an app to see and control your electricity consumption


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