Saudi Women Will Officially Be Allowed To Open Their Own Businesses WITHOUT Male Permission Thanks To A New Reform


The Saudi government has given permission to the women in the kingdom to start their own businesses without the permission of their male-counterpart.

Women in the past were only allowed to open a business with the approval of a guardian and visit a clerk to for documentation

As of Sunday, Saudi’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment announced on twitter that a new system will electronically allow women to start-up their business with no special permission.

The Kingdom has also seen a 29% increase in female lawyers

The number of licensed Saudi lawyers in 2017 reached almost five thousand practitioners – 4,607 were men and 209 were women

The Authority of the Saudi Lawyers said there are 8,766 law graduates currently under training, which includes 6,835 men and 1,931 women.

An increase of 29% for women lawyers compared to 13% for men lawyers from last year.

2030 vision for a more modern Kingdom

This modernisation and liberalisation of the Kingdom is credited to crown prince Mohammad bin Salman’s 2030 Vision for a more modern Kingdom, which is less reliant on oil.


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