Some Of Saudi’s Youth Helped Clean Salman Beach Yesterday And It’s SO Inspiring


In efforts to raise awareness on global warming and pollution in Saudi Arabia, a few pupils from Jeddah Private International School lent a helping hand to clean one of the Kingdom’s beach

The students had previously formed an eco school group called “Jeddah’s Pollution Solution,” to combat pollution issues in the country. 

And as part of their group’s initiative, the students contacted the Saudi municipality by themselves to start the cleaning campaign at Salman beach.

Others also want to raise awareness to the solution of pollution

Translation: “Now on the shore of Salman Bay where my favorite place whenever opportunity arises.. The place is still kind of clean in some parts, but there’s isn’t many of those who want to keep the beach clear. Plastic bottles, cans and plastic dishes found scattered. I hope we raise the environmental awareness to preserve the beauty of our shores, mountains and valleys.”

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