This Is Not A Drill: Some People Will Be EXEMPTED From The Dependent Tax


It has been reported that the Council of Saudi Chambers had requested higher authorities to review the expat dependent levy to prevent disrupting the completion of projects for vision 2030.

Most of the budgets for these projects had been planned before the launch of the levy and the tax would impact them, reports Saudi Expatriates.

The Council requested that the Cabinet exempt expat workers working on projects for Vision 2030 from the dependent tax

The Cabinet held a meeting with its Commission of Experts and the latter approved the proposal after studying its feasibility – public sector projects will be exempted from this tax.

What is the dependent tax?

SAR100 per month on each dependent of an expat has been levied in the Kingdom since June of his year. 

The dependent tax is to be increased to SAR 200 in 2018, SAR 300 in 2019 and SR 400 in 2020 per dependent member of the expatriate family.


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