A Video Going Around The Internet Is Making People Wonder If Someone In Saudi Arabia Rented An Entire Mall For A Day


People with a lot of money to spare, perhaps, sometimes don’t know what to do with it. And Saudi certainly has its fair share of people with a LOT of wealth.

One of those apparently rented out an entire shopping mall in Riyadh for a day and then just drove around it

A security guard, who reportedly works at Al Qasr Mall where the incident took place, managed to take a video of the man in his vehicle from the floor directly above.

The guard is heard saying: “I am a security guard at Al Qasr Mall and they’re saying someone rented out the entire place. Look, he’s even cruising here in his car. Looks like he’s super rich. May God grant us the same.”

Many on social media, however, are arguing that this might be a shooting for a television show.


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