UPDATE: Female Tourists Above The Age Of 25 Can Tour Saudi Alone But There’s A Catch


Attention, attention. A couple of days ago, reports of women over the age of 25 being able to visit Saudi unaccompanied made headlines. 

However, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) has confirmed that although this is somewhat true, the women do need to be part of a tourist group under a certified tourism agency so that you can be granted tourist visas. 

Representatives from ministries and the SCTNH drafted the rules and regulations for issuing tourist visas

These new laws state that women under the age of 25 must travel to Saudi with family members while those older than 25 have to come as part of a tourist group that is backed by a certified tourism agency. 

How can you identify a certified agency?

Well, these tourism agencies must be licensed by the authority of its country, and they must also be licensed by the SCTNH, according to Saudi Gazette. Just like applying for a tourist visa in other countries, the visas to the Kingdom will be given when dates, details of stay’s length and the tourism program are stated. 


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