Women in Saudi Arabia Are Now Allowed To Join The Military And Serve The Kingdom


The Kingdom seems to become more liberal day by day, especially with this ground-breaking news – Saudi women can now serve their country and enroll themselves in the military. 

Saudi Arabia has opened up applications for women to apply for soldier positions in the army around the cities of Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qassim and Medina. The application deadline is until Thursday

What the roles entail

The positions for women in the army do not include combat for now, but will instead give women the opportunity to practice security.

Interested women must also meet 12 requirements to be eligible; 

  • must be Saudi citizens, 
  • must be aged 25-35, 
  • must have a high-school diploma,
  • must have a house in the same city as their preferred city on the application,
  • must be above 155 cm tall with healthy weight-height ratio,
  • must pass mandatory medical check-up,
  • cannot have a criminal record,

All in King Salman’s efforts for a 2030 vision of a liberal future that is less reliant on oil. 

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