The World Economic Forum Has Stated That Saudi Arabia Is The Biggest Improver In The Gender Gap In YEARS


Just over a month back, Saudi Arabia nearly broke the internet with the announcement that women can now drive.

And that was just the first in a series of amazingly inspiring things that have been happening ever since.

Saudi Arabia is making steady progress toward closing the “gender gap” between men and women in employment, education and health, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF)

And WEF is sure that the recent decision to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia is only going to make things better.

Saudi Arabia has improved three places since last year on the WEF global index and is among the biggest improvers in the years since the report first appeared

And yeah, we can see the amazing inspiring progress happening nearly every day

A spokesperson for WEF told Arab News that keeping in mind all the reforms happening at the moment, next year’s report results seem to be even more promising


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