YAAAS! Yanni and Andrea Bocelli Are Set To Perform At A Contemporary New Concert Hall In Al Ula


Four huge musical acts will be performing this month and in January all at the super futuristic yet eccentrically modern ‘Maraya’ concert hall in Al Ula.

The location is a new and pristine one that mirrors the desert from the outside, a sight you can still see from the inside of the hall.

The ‘Winter at Tanoura’ concert will feature acts like Yanni, Andrea Bocelli, Majida el Roumi and more.

(Image Credits: Twitter @blueabaya)

The Maraya concert hall is set in Al Ula’s mystical surroundings

…and it’s EVERYTHING

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Some of Saudi’s fave singers will perform until January

The soonest performance will take place from the 27th to the 29th of December, on Friday, with the Lebanese soprano singer Majida El Roumi.

From the 3rd to 5th of January, Renaud Caupucon, Omar Khairat will take the stage on the 10th-12th of January.

Both Andrea Bocelli and Yanni’s highly-anticipated performances will take place throughout February 2019.

You can fly or drive to the Winter At Tanoura

Depending on your location in Saudi, it’s super simple to get to Al Ula and actually experience the beauty of the Kingdom’s landscapes along with the variety of musical extravagance.

This is like Saudi’s very own version of the opera. Extraaa and lovin it.

This will be the new fave winter spot four residents and tourists

Fo sho!


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