Authorities Want To Penalise Whomever Made This Child Hold A Boiling Pot Of Water To Start A ‘New Challenge’


A video of a young child holding a saucepan with BOILING hot water has caught the attention of angry netizens and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

You’re probs fuming while reading this, but wait, there’s more.

Several online sources report that the child was made to this over a new social media ‘challenge’ akin to the #KikiChallenge, where one viral source will cause a legion of others to try it on their own and share on social media.

(Image Credits: Twitter/@hashksa)

A spokesman from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development said that this falls within a crime or harassment

Khalid Aba-AlKhail, spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, says that challenge videos or anything that shows abuse against children fall under a crime or harassment category and that they will refer the violator to the competent authorities.

Serves whomever that is right.

The viral video sparked OUTRAGE among Saudi netizens

Although we won’t be sharing it on here, the video showing the young boy struggling to hold a pot with extremely hot water is what lead many of the angry tweets from Saudi residents.

A follow-up photo of the unnamed child shows him being treated at a hospital for the wounds sustained.

“Whoever took this video should be in jail”

“Excellent work. Let them not do it again!”

“This is madness!”


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