Authorities Have Confirmed That Resident Expats Don’t Have To Pay Fees For Umrah


Saudi authorities has denied reports and rumors that it would impose fees on expats living in the Kingdom who plan to perform Umrah. According to Gulf News, social media aided in escalating rumors last week that expats would have to pay fees at special offices that will be placed at all entrances to Makkah, King Abdulaziz airport, Jeddah, Taif Airport and Madinah’s train station.

But none of this is true!

Abdul Aziz Wazzan, The Haj and Umrah ministry undersecretary, responded to these rumors and said they weren’t factual and in fact, lacked credibility.

These are mere allegations being circulated and there is no plan to impose fees. There is no study being carried out regarding this matter.

Abdul Aziz Wazzan (via Okaz)

The ministry official is ‘ruling out’ going after those who spread the rumor 

Wazzan added that the ministry will confirm whether or not something is true, regardless of what is put on social media.

Foreigners coming to the Kingdom to perform Haj or Umrah were charged SAR 2,000 in August but this does not count for first-timers. 


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