BREAKING: Saudi Women Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive In The Kingdom


King Salman bin Abdulaziz has decided to allow women to drive, a decision that is breaking decades of tradition in the usually rather conservative Kingdom. Saudi Press Agency announced today that women will be issued driving licenses as early as June 2018. 

The king has also asked a committee to study the execution of the regulations

Seeing as this is something that has never been done in the country, netizens all over the world are sharing their joy for the women in Saudi Arabia.

The royal decree will implement the provisions of traffic regulations, including the issuance of driving licences for men and women alike

Saudi Press Agency

The internet’s optimistic response 

What a beautiful moment in history, when even celebrities from other countries are commenting on the surprising news. 

” Wow. Finally..”

“Truly groundbreaking for women”

“One giant leap for mankind”

This guy summed it all up in one word..

UPDATE: Islamic scholars in the kingdom have issued a statement saying there’s no hindrance on the lift of the ban


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