BREAKING: The Privileged Iqama Will Cost A Whopping SAR 100,000 Per Year


We’ve got the latest on the Privileged Iqama for you and it is enough to put many speculations to rest.

The Saudi Cabinet approved the Privileged Iqama proposal last week and it will have to be implemented within 90 days from the approval date. A lot has been written about the new residency permit but this is the first time that the amount that it will cost has been revealed.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the permanent Special Privilege Iqama will cost SAR 800,000 and the one-year temporary iqama will cost SAR 100,000.

The newspaper claims to cite the amounts as per inputs from “well-informed” sources.

We still don’t have anything official from the government yet on the amount that will be charged. But if the amount is true, it certainly looks like it will have many takers. Especially, on the permanent one as SAR 800,000 for permanent stay in the country is an amount that many affluent expats won’t shy away from shelling.

So shell SAR 800,000 and you’ll be able to buy property, use various public health and education facilities and even run your own business.

Not bad, right?


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