Saudi Arabia Is Going To Get A World Class Opera House And It Will Be In This City


Oman has one, Dubai has one and now Saudi will soon get its own opera house as well. Rumors that Saudi Arabia will build an opera house have been doing rounds since last year but now it has been announced officially.

According to the Arab News, Saudi Arabia will be building its first opera house and it will be in Jeddah.

The announcement was made in an event in Riyadh that was attended by top officials and dignitaries.

Ahmad Al Khatib, the chief of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) said: “GEA is proud to be one of the drivers of transformation in the Kingdom, through its clear purpose to build a world-class entertainment industry that will put the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the global tourism and entertainment map.” 

Just earlier this week the authorities had announced that they have 5,000 events lined up across the country for 2018.

The CEO of GEA, Eng. Faisal Bafarat has said, “This year will not only provide more opportunities for people to share rich experiences with family and friends but will also significantly contribute to the continued development of the entertainment industry in the Kingdom.”

He adds “2018 marks a change in pace thanks to the sheer scale of the program we are offering. Thousands of events will be organized and regulated, providing more opportunities than ever for us to continue to enhance the quality of entertainment events in the Kingdom, as well as adhere to the highest international standards.”


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