The Saudi Government Have Had Their Say On The Latest Developments On The Iran Nuclear Deal And President Trump Will Like The Sound Of It


Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries to welcome and show support for US President Donald Trump’s strategy towards Iran and the aggressive policies and actions caused by the Iranian regime.

Trump plans to denounce the nuclear deal called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), that Barack Obama has negotiated with Iran last year. He adds that there is a need impose tougher economic sanctions against Iranian leadership. 

Saudi Arabia previous supported the nuclear deal between Iran and the 5+ 1 powers 

“To limit their weapons of mass destruction, and achieve security and peace,” a statement said via Saudi Press Agency. However, Iran reportedly exploited the benefits of the deal and lift of sanctions and used these to destabilize the area. 

President Trump’s full speech yesterday about his Iran strategy 

Saudi is fully committed to working with the USA and international communities 

So that the goals for peace will be achieved.

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